Being a Little Giant Enterprise Needs Internal Strength

Recently, the "little giant" enterprise has made "specialization and innovation" a big buzzword. Conferences mentioned specialization and special new enterprises, and many departments expressed support for the high-quality development of specialization and special new SMEs, and improved the ability and level of service specialization and special new SMEs...... This shows that specialization and special new SMEs Development has ushered in a policy vent. The "little giant" enterprise is sought after because of the powerful technological power behind it, of which energy cannot be underestimated.

To grow into a small giant enterprise must "repair internal strength"

Only with unique skills can you have the right to speak. The "little giant" enterprises in Zhuzhou High-tech Zone either have a relatively high market share in the subdivisions, or have a great advantage in the research and development of related core technologies.

In the field of industrial manufacturing, the sintering furnace is known as the "Pill Alchemy Furnace". When a good sintering furnace refines cemented carbide products, it can remove impurities, increase hardness, and become smoother and brighter, making cemented carbide products a veritable "industrial tooth".

However, sintering furnace equipment has long been monopolized overseas, especially the most famous sintering furnace in Germany. How to open up the territory of "Made in China" among them, Zhuzhou Ruideer Metallurgical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Ruideer”) has gradually grown into a national-level “little giant” enterprise after 10 years of “repairing internal strength”.

Ruideer sintering furnace has successfully replaced the same type of imported products in the market, and is also exported to the US, Japan, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam and other countries. The advantage of the Ruideer sintering furnace is that it has a decisive influence on important indicators such as the property change and uniformity of the calcined material. In 2020, the domestic market share of the company's main product pressure sintering furnace was 8.4%, ranking first in China.

Maintain sustainable development and innovation capabilities

In industrial competition, the stronger the technological innovation ability, the greater the chance of winning.

Ruideer has established a technology R&D department to maintain the company's sustainable development and innovation capabilities. It is responsible for the implementation of the company's key research and development projects, coordination and organization of product development, technology development and technical information collection.


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