Introduction to the Ceramic Laboratory Series of the Shanghai Institute of Silicon Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences-Transparent Ceramics Research Center

Transparent Ceramics Research Center:
January 28, 2016, Transparent ceramics research center established, and it belongs to the key Laboratory of Transparent Opto-functional Inorganic Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Transparent ceramics is a new research direction after structural ceramics and functional ceramics in the field of advanced ceramics. Shanghai Institute of Ceramics has a good research foundation and has shown a favorable development in the field of transparent ceramics, so a new center established. It aimed at integrating superior resources, to create a new direction of transparent ceramics disciplines, which is also one of the important objectives of the construction of the characteristic institute. At the same time, to strengthen the laboratory layout and research direction of strategic research, and by the formation of large teams to enhance joint combat capabilities, finally strive to develop the center into China and even the world's transparent ceramic research center.

1.Optical Ceramics and Composite Materials Group

Research Fields:
(1)Transparent ceramics
① Transparent/translucent alumina ceramic tubs used on high intensity discharge lamps
②Mid-infrared range transparent ceramics
③ High refractive index A2B2O7 transparent ceramics
(2)High heat conductivity aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic materials
(3)Upconversion luminescence materials
①Upconversion luminescence of transparent ceramics
②Upconversion luminescence of rare earth doped NaYF4 nanocrystalline
(4)Fiber reinforcement oxide ceramic matrix composites
(5)New forming method
①Exploration of new curing system by gel injection molding
②Porous alumina ceramics prepared by Foam Technique
③Oriented grain transparent alumina ceramics prepared with assistant of magnetic field

2.Advanced Oxide Transparent Ceramics Group

3.Transparent and Opto-functional Ceramics Research Group

4.Transparent Functional Ceramics and Devices Research Group


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