Carbon / Ceramic Composites material (C/C-SiC) Introduction


Carbon fiber reinforced silicon carbide is a very strong composite made of a silicon carbide matrix with carbon fiber reinforcement.

The material is very suitable for oil quenching processes in metal hardening due to its low porosity. Furthermore, by its low weight it fits perfectly to your automation idea for your hardening process.

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Typical Properties

Light (perfect for automation in heat treatment)

Low open porosity (perfect for oil quenching)

High strength

Fracture resistant

Thermal shock resistant

It is a new type of high temperature structural material & functional material which can meet the requirements at temperature 1650℃. It is considered as a brake material for a new generation of aircraft and automobiles due to its excellent wear resistance, high hardness, high temperature resistance and other properties, and is also known as the highest level of brake material performance.



Aerospace, national defense, military industry, energy, automobile, high-speed train...



Research Actuality

in 1990s, The Western starts to develop low density, high temperature resistance, wear resistance of carbon/ceramic friction materials. The TGV-A and TGV-PSE high-speed trains in France and the Shinkansen in Japan have been started the related test.

In China, Central South University, Northwestern Polytechnical University etc. are mainly engaged in the research of carbon/ceramic composite materials, which have been successfully applied to brake disc materials for high-speed trains running at 400 km/h and aircraft brake materials.


Market prospect

As one of the most ideal high-temperature structural materials and friction materials, carbon/ceramic composites are regarded as a kind of materials with revolutionary significance. They have great application prospects in many fields such as aerospace, aviation, national defense, petrochemical, metallurgy, energy, machinery and automobile, etc.


Application cases


The Space Shuttle's ablation-resistant surface heat shield material...


High temperature connector:

Carbon/ceramic thermal structure materials used in rocket high-temperature connectors, ultra-high temperature carbonyl ceramic materials used in the tail nozzle of China J-20 engine...


Braking system:

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren brake disc, U.S. Army F-16 jet brake material...

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